If you want to have great employees, than you have have to seem like you are a great place to work to attract them.

Bosses and officials say that providing some of these unique benefits result in higher productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

There are some things that are very unique that businesses are doing to attract great workers. If you could choose one of these, what would you choose?



  • 1

    A Gopher

    Some businesses are calling them  'corporate concierges'.But, if you forgot your lunch at home or maybe you need to get flowers for Valentine's Day and you don't have time after work before dinner, there's a person that will go get it for you!

  • 2

    Nap Time

    Some big businesses are adopting nap time. They literally have napping rooms that you can go take a snooze in on their break or not feeling well.

  • 3

    Office Dog

    There's nothing an office dog can't fix. If you're having a day, some businesses have dogs or puppies growing up in the office.

  • 4

    Free Lunch

    What if you could pick out what you want to eat today at work in the office kitchen? Some places are adopting the idea to keep people happy. Plus, it's one less thing for people to worry about when they get home.

  • 5

    Free Gym Policy

    Some places have gotten unique on this one. You may have a gym in your office place already, but if you don't have one, some places are paying for your gym membership!

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