How on earth did this happen? How did either of these happen? Two unusual incidents have happened on the brink of Niagara Falls and rescue crews did a phenomenal job assisting in both. After all--this is Niagara Falls and anything stuck in the Niagara River is not an easy task.

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To put it into perspective--here's how fast the water over Niagara Falls: "The water falls at 32 feet per second over the Falls, hitting 2,509 tons of force at the Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Falls is capable of producing over 4 million kilowatts of electricity, which is shared by the United States and Canada", according to the Niagara Falls State Park website.

  • In May 2022, a pontoon, which broke away from where it was tied up in 2019, was finally rescued. It took place in 2 phases of getting the pontoon. The State Park Police tied the pontoon up so it would not go over the Falls and then the Army National Guard Chinook helicopter helped take it out of the water. Why did it take so long to do so? Officials had to strategize their time and wait for perfect conditions to execute the mission.
  • Nearly 6 months ago, a car was in danger of going over Niagara Falls. In December 2021, After a suspicious incident on Wednesday, a car had gone into the Niagara River and started drifting closer and closer to the Falls. A woman's body was rescued on Wednesday afternoon by officials, but at the time there was no conclusion as to why she and the car went into the water.

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