My dad’s a firefighter, and I am very proud of that. I always told him that I need to have a job that I can make a difference to someone. It’s a job that you put your life on the line day in and day out, but that also a scary aspect, especially for everyone that has a family member in a public service job like my dad.

This selfless firefighter proves why these guys are truly heroes.

A friend said that was no surprise that when off-duty Dallas firefighter Capt. Kenny Luckey Harris found out smoke was rising from the West Fertilizer Co., he rushed over to help his hometown.

"He was worried the volunteer guys wouldn't be safe on a chemical fire. He said he had to help them stay safe,” said Ronnie Janek, a fellow Dallas firefighter, and close friend of the Harris family.

Harris rushed as soon as he saw the smoke, and only about five minutes after trying to help, the explosion happened and left Harris dead.

People were saying you could hear boom from the explosion miles away, including Harris’ wife and kids.

A firefighter on scene stayed with his body until the scene was clear to come take him away. The most honorable people there is.

When Harris’ wife Holly called him after hearing the explosion, he did not answer.

He's busy,” she thought. “He's helping people.”

“He was my best friend,” said Holly, 49, her voice strained as she held back tears according to NBC. “We did everything together....We were at the time of our life now where our boys are grown and they're on their own. And we had so many plans and things we wanted to do.…We won't be able to do that now.”

Fourteen people died in the explosion last week. Five of them were firefighters, and four of them were medics.

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