The 2022 regular season is over for the NFL.  But it's one that will definitely never be forgotten.  There were some huge moments this year.

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This has been an incredible year for the Buffalo Bills.  Most people will agree that it is hard to find a team that has gone through as much adversity as the Bills have this year.  They've experienced natural disasters, major injuries, and some incredible heartfelt moments that could make even the roughest man cry.

The NFL highlighted some of the biggest moments of 2022 and there were so many that involved the Bills.  Some of them seem like they were just yesterday, and others seem like they were years ago because they're burned in your brain.

Check some of these out:

This is how we started the year...

How many of us watched that game and thought to ourselves, "We aren't going to lose this year.  How in the world could we???"

Remember the "Butt Punt?"

That was such a weird day.  It was the first time we had seen this team struggle like this.  Through the heat and some bad plays, they dropped that game, but we were left with "the Butt Punt."

Josh Allen Hurdled The Chiefs...Again

It wasn't the first time and as his teammates say, we hope that it's the last.  Josh Allen took to the air to secure a win over the Chiefs early in the season.


Stefon Diggs' Incredible One-Handed Catch

Stefon Diggs had a huge catch in what has become a very memorable game.  A couple plays later, Justin Jefferson (Vikings) was able to somehow have an even bigger one.


The Snow Begins

Just before Thanksgiving, Buffalo and the surrounding areas got a BUNCH of snow dropped on us.  We had to move our Cleveland game to Detroit.


Squirrel Helps Josh Allen Out Of His Driveway

A local farmer named Squirrel Winters was able to help plow our QB1 out of his driveway so that he could make it to the plane.


The Bills Played A Game In A Snow Globe

Man, this one felt good to win.  But The Bills had to earn it. Mike McDaniel was seen wearing a shirt that read "I wish it was colder."  He got his wish.


Stefon Diggs Gives His Little Buddy A Christmas Gift

During Training Camp, Diggs met a young boy who had lost his dad earlier in the year and you could tell it had an impact on him.  Months later, he didn't forget him when Christmas time rolled around.


Prayers For Damar

On January 2, 2023, Damar Hamlin sustained what could be considered one of the worst injuries to ever occur on the football field.  He suffered cardiac arrest and needed to be resuscitated on the field.  The entire world offered prayers as the team mourned.  But it appears as if there might be a story book ending for this one.  He seems to be well on the road to recovery.


Nyheim Hines Has 2 Kick Returns For Touchdowns

It had been 3 years and 3 months since the last kick return for a touchdown for the Bills.  The #3 was incredibly instrumental that weekend (Damar Hamlin's #).  Not only did Nyheim Hines return the very first kick of the game for a touchdown.  He did it again in the second 3:03pm. The Bills finished the regular season 13-3.

Now, it's on to the playoffs where records no longer matter.  It's win and in from here on out.  If there was ever a year where it felt like destiny, this is it.  Isn't it?

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