Remember when the Buffalo Bills were in the Super Bowl? I mean Super Bowl XXVII against the Cowboys? It was a big day for Bills fans and for Garth Brooks.

If you have Netflix, Check out the new series "The Road I'm On" about Garth Brooks. It really shows what it took for Garth to get to be an absolute music superpower. It also shows some of the behind-the-scenes stories about Garth.

Garth was asked to perform the National Anthem prior to Super Bowl XXVII in 1993. The Buffalo Bills were playing the Dallas Cowboys. There was one catch. Garth's people had asked the network to debut his video for "We Shall Be Free." Because of the political undertones of the song, NBC was reluctant. It was just moments before he was supposed to sing that they finally agreed to follow through on their end of the deal and Garth nailed it!

It is just a few minutes in to episode two of the series and there are plenty of pictures and videos of Jim Kelly and the 1992-1993 Buffalo Bills!

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