You may have carpooled, walked, or drove yourself to the stadium, but you probably haven’t seen someone do this. 

Brian Goldsmith is a Buffalo native, graduating from Kenmore East High School and attending University at Buffalo. He moved to Texas a few years ago, but that did not cause his love for the Buffalo Bills to waver at all. 

Although he moved away, Goldsmith always returned home for the opener at Highmark Stadium, and he came up with the idea of running to the stadium and its tailgating lots from where he grew up on Hertel Avenue. 

Four years ago, Goldsmith started his Stampede to the Stadium after his wife got him a GoPro camera. Since he is a triathlete, he thought it would be cool to create his own unique tradition for cheering on the Buffalo Bills: run from North Buffalo to Highmark Stadium in order to get into the game.

Goldsmith live streamed the entire run, and he finished in under 2 hours! Now that’s pretty fast.

It’s not a surprise, though…we knew Goldsmith was quick after he got 5th overall in the 50 Yard Finish 5k with a 5:44 per mile pace! Now that’s fast.

Brian Goldsmith ran the full 17 miles in Bills gear before going into the stadium to enjoy the game. (Shoutout to Goldsmith’s wife for making the shirt!)

This year, Goldsmith added a fundraiser element to his stampede, and he chose to raise money for Feedmore WNY. Every time a donation came in, he had to stop running to do 10 push-ups before continuing on towards the stadium.

He ended up surpassing his fundraiser goal by ten fold!

“If we get to a thousand bucks, I’ll go through a table,” Goldsmith said. “And we got to $1500.”

Sure enough, Goldsmith had his buddy Markey “choke slam” him through a table, and it’s pretty epic. 

Watch for Goldsmith next year when he tries to raise even more money for local charity.

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