Could Buffalo be a prime city for people to move to in future years?

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According to NBC News, some scientists say Buffalo would be a more desirable living destination as the Earth warms.

Susan Drayton moved to Buffalo from Florida in 2003 and lived through some extreme weather down in Florida, which was a reason she moved to Buffalo.

"I remember feeling all that anxiety about the weather,” she said. “One thing about living in Buffalo, I don’t have that same anxiety in the back of my mind."

Some of the aspects that make Buffalo a desirable location is the access to large bodies of fresh lake water, distance from the coast, elevation from sea level and colder climate. There's also plenty of room in the area to handle a large number of people moving here.

"Our city was built with an infrastructure 30, 40 years ago that our population would be much larger than it is today," said Brendan Mehaffy, executive director of Buffalo's Office of Strategic Planning . "So in terms of an initial absorption, it should not really be an issue."

Personally, we know you don't need added incentive to live here. The food is great, we get all four seasons, and most importantly -- the people here are amazing. Buffalo remains a hidden gem.

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