The COVID-19 Pandemic caused the world's largest unguarded land border to close for nearly 2 years, the longest closure since the establishment of the border between the United States and Canada.

Even after the border officially reopened, there were some very strict rules put in place by both countries to be able to travel between them.

Now, thanks to an announcement by Canadian Prime Mininster Justin Trudeau, the process for Americans wanting to enter Canada is going to be easier. A whole lot easier.

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Starting on Saturday, October 1, 2022, all of Canada's Coronavirus border restrictions are being lifted.

That includes vaccination requirements, use of the ArriveCAN App, and all testing and quarantine/isolation requirements for those traveling into Canada. It doesn't matter if you travel via land, sea, or air, Canadian Border Officials will no longer seek or require vaccination details from people.

This is great news for many people all around Western New York and Southern Ontario. As a border town, Buffalo relies heavily on our neighbors to the north and they in turn rely on us.

Canada’s travel measures successfully mitigated the full impact of COVID-19 for travellers and workers in the transportation sector, and helped keep communities safe. Thanks to Canadians who rolled up their sleeves and got vaccinated, we are able to take this great step towards easing measures and returning to normal.
-The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transport

While Canadian officials have reserved the right to reestablish reasonable restrictions should another major health emergency begin to develop, many are encouraged that COVID-19 has been moving more towards becoming more manageable in the last few months.

I have been traveling to Canada since the initial restrictions were lifted thanks to using the ArriveCAN app and my NEXUS pass - but I look forward to this weekend when I can just zoom across the border and run through the 6 with my woes.

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Going over the border has so many benefits for many Americans, people come from all over the world to Canada all the time. Buffalo and Niagra Falls residents are spoiled because we have the advantage of being so very close, for most people here the border is less than 20 minutes away. The thing that I have noticed over the years is, the main strip in Niagra Falls Ontario gets bigger all the time with more things to see and do. Did you know, that the first hotel was built on Ferry Rd. in the tourist area back in 1833? it's amazing to see all of the additions, even since the 90s.

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