Hate the weather? Just wait a few hours and there is a good chance it will change. If you live in Western New York, you already know how unique our weather can be. It is as equally frustrating. Here it is spring in Buffalo and we are worried about the next snow storm. But from the outside of Buffalo and looking in, apparently the weather we have can be considered a respite for those worried about the ever changing climate.

According to the story from CNBC, Buffalo, New York makes the list of "havens" for those who want to steer clear of dangerous weather.

Climate havens or climate destinations are situated in places that avoid the worst effects of natural disasters and have the infrastructure to support a larger population. Many of these legacy cities are located in the Northeast.

In fact, Buffalo could be the top of the list for those who want an escape.

Jesse Keenan, associate professor of real estate at Tulane University, named the following cities as possible climate havens:

Asheville, North Carolina
Buffalo, New York
Burlington, Vermont

The weather has been doing some strange things and the long term pattern looks like a cooler than normal May for us here in the 716. But it does seem as though we face this every year. It seems to me that we are comparing our weather to other places in the country too often. Social Media shows us the warm weather and the beauty of spring in other parts of the United States and most seem to forget that we are not them. If you look at the average daily highs and lows, we are right about spot on for what we can expect. But it is frustrating when you consider how many things depend on the weather here in the spring and summer.

For now? Enjoy the cool, somewhat predictable weather we have. It's like anything else in the world these days, there are others who would love to have what we have.

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