UPDATE: The Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns game has officially been moved to Ford Field in Detroit. Click here for the info. 

As anticipation builds for Western New York’s first big snowstorm this winter, so are Buffalo’s nerves about Sunday’s Bills game against the Cleveland Browns.

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Obviously, the Buffalo Bills have gotten familiar with heavy snowfall throughout the years. But this storm seems to hit differently. With several feet of snow potentially dumping down on Orchard Park before Sunday’s kickoff, there are rumblings that the matchup might move locations.

ESPN’s Adam Shefter has said the NFL is currently monitoring the storm and is in contact with both teams.

His tweet reminded us that, yes, it is possible for there to be enough snow that the NFL could relocate the game to an entirely different city.

Bills fans remember back in November of 2014 when over six feet of snow crushed Western New York, forcing a state of emergency and for the NFL to relocate the team's matchup against the New York Jets from (then) Ralph Wilson Stadium to Ford Field in Detroit.

If the NFL decides such drastic measures are necessary, that means moving this Sunday’s game to Detroit could be on the table.

If the weather is bad enough, the move could actually make sense for the Bills. Buffalo is set to take on Detroit next week for a much-hyped Thanksgiving Day game, so potentially, the Bills could camp out there for the week to avoid unnecessary travel.

On the other hand, depending on how much snow comes our way on Sunday, the game could just as easily be postponed to later in the day.

Only time will tell if Sunday’s game in Orchard Park will stay put - and it's now up to the Bills fans who planned to ride out the storm and tailgate to decide if they’ll be relieved or disappointed if the game moves to a new location.

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