One of our favorite quarterbacks makes a vow that he will take part in a Bills Mafia classic, so long as the Buffalo Bills bring home the Super Bowl win.

Ryan Fitzpatrick retired from the league back in June, and in his 17 year career, Fitzpatrick played the longest with the Buffalo Bills, where he wore the quarterback jersey for four of his 17 seasons, between 2009-2012. 

Even before announcing his retirement, Fitzpatrick has been to Buffalo Bills games to support our quarterback Josh Allen and the rest of the team.

It says a lot about a quarterback, who is still signed with another team, who comes to your playoff game…not to mention, shirtless.

This year, Fitzpatrick is joining the Bills Mafia in rooting for the Bills once again, but this time, he is making a promise. 

According to TMZ Sports, Ryan Fitzpatrick promised to personally fly to Buffalo to celebrate the Super Bowl win…by jumping through a table.

As of now, the Buffalo Bills are the favorite to win the title, and after defeating the current defending champs out in L.A. by a score of 31-10, it seems like this year just may be our year. 

When we do win the Super Bowl, there are a lot of things that will follow suit. For example, we’ll have to have a parade, right?

If you want to see the first draft of our Super Bowl parade, you can see that map here.

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