One of the most difficult times for anyone is when a loved one passes away and the days that follow. A funeral home can be a time of remembrance but also time of grieving. One funeral home will soon be bringing in a puppy to help families grieve.

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According to WIVB, Macon Funeral Home in North Carolina will soon have a grief therapy dog at the funeral home.

Office administrator Tori McKay and her husband always wanted a grief therapy dog at the funeral home and they're finally making that a reality with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Mochi.

“They have a history of being excellent therapy and support dogs, which comes from their kind disposition and laid-back personalities," said McKay.

Mochi is just eight weeks old and will be sent for training when she's six months to one year of age. If all goes right, Mochi will then become a grief therapy dog at the fineral home.

Do any funeral homes here in Western New York have a grief therapy dog? Let us know.

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