How angry would you be if someone put your picture and phone number on a billboard and told people to call you?  What if it was your sons that did it?  What if it was for your birthday?  Still mad?

It seems like their heart was in the right place but maybe it was just a bit over the top.

Chris Ferry in New Jersey is turning 62 on March 16th and his sons wanted him to be celebrated.  So they put his picture and his phone number on a billboard on Blackhorse Pike in Atlantic City and told people to call him and say Happy Birthday.

"Wish My Dad Happy Birthday - Love, Your Sons  1 (561) 307-4879"

And people have been.  He says he gets about a text every minute and about 25 calls every hour.

He's received texts and phone calls from all over the world including Nepal, Luxembourg, the Philippines, Canada, and more.

While he seems to be happy about it, there are probably a bunch of people who would be furious.

How would you take it?  Would it be fun or would you be angry?

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