The Buffalo Bills will play the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday at 3pm at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. The weather forecast is calling for some snow and colder air to move in for the game this Sunday.

The fans of the Buffalo Bills are no strangers to snow and cold. If you ask die-hard fans, they will tell you that some of the most exciting games were in near blizzard conditions. But how do crews prepare for 60,000 fans and workers? It takes a big effort.

Prior to the Buffalo-Miami playoff game, truckloads of water and salt are combined and pumped in to the stadium with multiple hoses. Individual workers spray the mixture on the concrete to melt the ice and snow and help to expedite the drying of the concrete to make it as safe as possible. It takes approximately 4 hours per side if the stadium to complete the deicing.

Deicing Highmark Stadium In Buffalo, NY

This weekend's game is going to be exciting to say the least. Most NFL fans, and even those who are not sports fans, recall the previous match-up that was halted after the injury to Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin. Damar is recovering well and the game was named a "no contest". This Sunday's game is another chapter in what has been a storybook season for the Buffalo Bills.

Regardless of the past, this game is huge for both teams as the winner moves on the AFC Championship game and the losers head home. Thank you to all of those behind the scenes whoa re getting the stadium ready.

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