With cooler on the horizon, the age-old question that every Western New Yorker asks one of the most important questions that we need to ponder needs an answer: how cold does it need to be before we turn on the heat?

This time-honored debate is being discussed in households from Lewiston to Jamestown and if one thing is clear, there is no clear answer. This is one of those questions where everyone is right, and everyone is wrong, at the same time.

It's amazing how quickly the summer warmth turns into cool dew on the grass and frost on the windshield. However, no matter how much we want to ignore it, we all know it's going to happen and even though it happens every year, somehow we still allow it to catch us by surprise.

Of course, if your family is anything like mine, these discussions often turn into flat-out arguments about it being too hot or too cold in the house.

So when do you turn on the heat in your house for the first time? I asked my friends on Facebook this exact question and the responses are equally as surprising and expected.

While I would never ever do it, it seems that some Buffalonians have already turned their heat on, and it's actually been on for a few days. That is so surprising to me because I am not one of those types of folks.

I am a firm believer in taking Dad's advice on how to stay warm when it starts getting cold outside.

The heat in the Nice household is not on. In fact, I still have my central air conditioning on. Even if I didn't have the Air Conditioning on, the heat would still be turned off.

So, when do you turn on your heat?

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