A massive brawl involving many teens recently happened on Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore. This is not the first huge fight, it actually seems to be an emerging pattern. Several other big fights involving young people have happened in Buffalo.

Huge Fight Involving Teens On Elmwood Avenue In Kenmore NY

Credit: WGRZ

WGRZ is reporting that a huge group of teens leaving a house party got into a brawl on Friday, March 31, 2023. The fight apparently happened near Lincoln and Elmwood in Kenmore. Police told Channel 2 that around 200 teens were leaving the party around 10:30 pm. Police showed up to disperse the crowd, and a smaller group of teens fought. Officers had to use pepper spray to break up the brawl.

Unfortunately, this seems to be happening more and more frequently in the Buffalo area.

Massive Fight Involving Over 100 Kids In Downtown Buffalo [Video]

More than 100 young people were involved in a fight in the theater district in downtown Buffalo recently. The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday, March 11, 2023. It was recorded outside of the AMC Market Arcade 8, located at 639 Main Street. According to WKBW, multiple Buffalo Police units from multiple districts responded. Based on what the people are saying in the video, there appear to have been multiple fights, with a huge one taking place as the person is filming. Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries. No one was arrested.

(Around 1:32 mark, you can see police running towards another huge brawl)
Fighting among the youth in downtown has also forced the library to change its hours.

Why Are So Many Massive Fights Involving Teens Happening In Buffalo?


Downtown Buffalo Library Changes Hours Due To Increase In Fights

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library's downtown branch will now close early due to fighting. The library has made the decision to cut its hours short because of safety concerns.

By Yasmin Young (used with permission)
By Yasmin Young (used with permission)

The Library has since gone back to its regular hours.

60 Teens Involved In Fight At Buffalo Mall

On February 25, around 9:15 pm, 60 teens were involved in a massive brawl inside the Boulevard Mall. Police Officers from multiple agencies were called to break up several fights at the Boulevard Mall, the mall's parking lot, and a Wegman's parking lot.

Huge Brawl Caught On Video At Buffalo High School

At the beginning of this year, a Buffalo High School was back in the spotlight again after a huge fight. It was described to WKBW Channel 7 as an "insurrection." Cell phone video captured the brawl, which took place inside McKinley High School in Buffalo on Thursday, January 19, 2023. The removal of the current principal, Moustafa Khalik, was approved by the Buffalo School Board at its session Wednesday evening. Andrea Augello, English teacher, and Buffalo Teachers Federation delegate told WKBW that 44 of 46 McKinley teachers want him to remain as the principal "because they believe he's making a difference."

Buffalo Public Schools issued a statement:

This district was informed of today's incident, and it was taken very seriously. The matter was responded to swiftly and appropriately. Extra support was provided and remained at dismissal to assure that the matter remained de-escalated.

All of these recent incidents raise the question, "why are these fights happenening so frequently?" Is it because these teens don't have access to things to do? Is it their parents faults? Would job opportunities help stop these brawls? How can community leaders in Buffalo stop these incidents before someone gets seriously hurt or dies?

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