Well, by now I am sure that you have heard the story. It's an interesting one.

We told you last week when someone in Newfane called to tell us during Clay and Company that there was a "cow situation" going on.

Weeks ago, a few cows escaped and got out of McKee Farms in Newfane. This is nothing THAT unusual for farmers in Western New York. The cows ended up at an animal sanctuary nearby. When the owner of McKee Farms realized his cows were missing, he called the SPCA and they notified him that the sanctuary had them.

The owner of Asha's Animal Sanctuary refused to return the cows even though McKee Farms had proof that they were the property of the farm.

Flash forward to this week and the sanctuary owner was arrested and the court date is coming up Thursday, August 4.  According to WIVB:

State police announced Tuesday morning that Murphy has been charged with third-degree grand larceny — a felony. The cows have since been returned to their owner, police said.

A judge ordered the owner of the sanctuary to not post on social media until the hearing happens. Apparently, there are tensions on both sides still and the farm whose cows were stolen is asking for an order of protection. At this time he was not given protection.

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