The first round of the 2023 NHL Draft is tonight from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

It's the first time fans can remember a first round starting on a Wednesday night but the urgency from NHL general managers remain the same. It's already been very active over the past 48 hours, as teams are looking to trade contracts and other teams are looking to acquire good players for a playoff run.

The Buffalo Sabres hold the 13th overall pick tonight and fans are wondering who GM Kevyn Adams will select or if he decides to trade up or back.

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Adams admitted last year he tried to trade up between 20 and 25 to draft Jiri Kulich, who Buffalo fortunately got at pick 28 anyway. We know if the Sabres have players in mind, they will be aggressive.

This is a great draft for talent and it looks like Adams would love to trade up if he can.

During his interview with Sabres Live today, Adams admitted they're seriously considering a trade up. He did also mention that because of how coveted the first round is this year, that will be a challenge.

Adams specifically mentions 4-6 players they have an eye on.

Connor Bedard will be taken first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks. However, Matvei Michkov is slated to be drafted anywhere between the top 3 and on the outside of the top 10. That's because there's a risk of him going to play in Russia for the KHL. He's a top three-level talent, however, who can be a superstar forward in the NHL.

The small right winger could be a trade target for teams like Buffalo, if he falls out of the top 5. The price will be hefty though.

We also have to wait and see if Adams does indeed trade prospect(s) or day two picks for a top four defenceman, which the Sabres definitely need this summer.

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