As slow as the COVID-19 pandemic years seemed to go, looking back, it was all a blur! The two or three years of restrictions, cancellations and change are behind us and it is amazing how many things are different in the summer of 2023. There are reports that some fast food places around the United States are now telling employees NOT to wear a mask.

Did the mask mandates really work? Depends on who you ask or, more specifically, which side of the political aisle you choose to sit on.

The summer of 2023 is here and there are so many great concerts, festivals and events going on. If you have been to one of theses, there is no doubt that you have seen large and happy crowds gathering together. A far cry from the COVID pandemic that kept us all apart and hidden.

The popular fast food restaurant, IN and OUT Burger is asking it's employees NOT to wear a mask! There is a great reason; so people can see their faces and smiles!

Out family has boxes of masks at home and many COVID test kits in our medicine cabinet. Like most families with little kids, the schools provided us with most of them.

Will New York State restaurants follow the path of IN and OUT Burger? It is doubtful considering some of the biggest restrictions within the COVID-19 pandemic were in New York State.

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