Its official, Meredith Vieira will leave the ‘Today’ show along with her 11 million dollar salary and she will do so three months before her contract is up in September.   About a month ago rumors began about her possible exit, now it’s not just a rumor its fact.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Vieira who is 57 will step aside in June, making way for Ann Curry to take the seat next Matt Lauer.  I usually tune in for about 30 minutes a day to the ‘Today’ show when I eat breakfast so I don’t really have an emotional attachment to any of the morning show TV personalities (It’s Clay and Dale all the way).  But when I do watch I enjoy the chemistry between Matt and Meredith.  Now will Matt leave the show?  Those rumors started circulating a few weeks ago too.  None the less, the ‘Today’ show extended its streak to 800 consecutive weeks as the most watched morning show.  Will that change with the change of the host or hosts?  Only time will tell.

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