Everybody is talking about it.  I really thought it was a game just for kids but this thing has spread to adults.  It's Pokémon Go and it's the latest mobile game for your smartphone based on the popular video game and card games.

They call it augmented reality.  It's not virtual reality.  You've seen us try that.  It's augmented reality because items from the real world are combined with computer-generated items using a phone.  So in other words, you will see computer generated pictures on real world videos on your phone.

In this game, you use geocaching to find Pokémon everywhere on earth.  So you use your phone and coordinates to find them.  So instead of  gathering the cards, you gather Pokémon with your phone.

This app is huge!  People all over the country are playing it.  It is already bigger than the dating app Tinder and it's on a good pace to even overcome Twitter!

But be careful  It can get addicting and already a few people have become victims of crime because of it.  The app has a warning at the startup that says to always be aware of your surroundings as a couple people were robbed after figuring out where people might be stopping to gather their Pokémon.

Want to try it out in Buffalo?  There are tons of Pokéstops in the 7-1-6.  We've got a bunch of them listed here for you.

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