Ever pondered some of the past theater's here in the Buffalo area?

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University 8 (GCC) on Maple Road in Amherst.

I grew up in north Amherst -- a stone's throw away from Sweet Home Road and Maple Road.

The movie theater my mom and dad used to always take to me to was the old General Cinema Company/University 8 theater on Maple Road, which was near the current AMC theater and next to the Sweet Home Middle School.

I did some recent looking back and found that it officially closed in 2004. It was first opened in 1981.

Buffalo Drive-In

Ah yes, the old Buffalo Drive-In.

Opened in 1948, the Drive-In was popular with generations of Buffalonians. Located in Cheetowaga off Harlem Road, the drive-in closed for good in the summer of 2007. It's now a medical campus.

My sister for a short while lived in the neighborhood behind and I remember drive-in employees trying to make sure no kids jumped the fence in that neighborhood.

I went to the drive-in a handful of times as a kid but I couldn't even tell you what movies I saw there.

Super Saver 8 on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

This one I never went to but my dad raves about old memories here.

There's not much online about it but records do show this old movie theater has been closed for many years.

Sattler Theater/Broadway Theater

Going way back here with the Sattler Theater. First built in 1914, the old Sattler Theater turned into Broadway Theater in 1920. It was later renamed Basil's Broadway.

Located on Broadway in the city of Buffalo, this theater changed hands many times and eventually turned into churches.

Last year came news of this historic building undergoing the process of turning into a center for young performers in the Buffalo area. The restoration process was expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Miss any? Let us know!

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