As parents, we all want our kids to become outstanding adults one day. We hope for the best and try hard to give them all the tools necessary to be successful no matter what they do. Can you imagine if your kids were so successful at a young age that they were featured in a magazine? It has happened to one young person from Colorado.

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I feel like every parent thinks their kid is the smartest or the cutest and in your eyes, they probably are. I am certainly proud of our three boys and post lots of pictures of them on my Instagram. Every day I wonder what they will become or what they will be interested in. Even though they are still very young (four, two, and 10 months) it is so neat to see the individual personalities come alive.

In a year of turmoil and bad news, it is so refreshing to see how young people are working so hard to achieve greatness. With scientists like Gitanjali, the future is bright and perhaps even better than we had ever imagined! For now, all we can do is support our kids and encourage them to chase whatever dreams they have!

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