Shakespeare said, "To be or not to be, that is the question?" But even he didn't have to make a decision about what is and what isn't a Christmas movie.

My girlfriend is a huge movie buff. To the point that we do an Oscars Party every year. We see all the major category movies, we send ballots to our friends to vote on the movies, we get all dressed up and watch the Oscars. But she's a huge movie buff and every year we watch "Christmas" movies. We take turns picking movies and of course, I pick things like "Die Hard" or "Gremlins", which she says aren't Christmas movies. But, they take place during, how are they not Christmas movies?

This is where you come in; help settle this debate. If a movie is set in the winter or around the Christmas season, is that enough to consider that movie a Christmas movie? Or are there other criteria that have to be met? For instance, should  the genre of the movie itself count? Like if it's an action or horror movie that just happens to take place at Christmas, but isn't specifically about Christmas?

Here are a few examples - what do you think; Christmas movie or not?


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