As we get ready for our next bout of snowfall, make sure you don’t make this mistake. 

It’s the middle of winter in Western New York, which means you may have to give yourself some extra time when you leave your house to warm up the car, yes, but the defrost mode in your vehicle doesn’t always get the job done. 

Sometimes, you may have to brave the cold to brush off the snow from your car, so make sure you wear some gloves! 

You may think you can drive just fine with only the front windshield cleared off, but it is still a hazard to drive with no rear view.

Major Winter Storm Blankets Northeast With Snow
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Plus, you could end up with a pretty pricey ticket on your car if you refuse to take the extra time to clear off the car. 

You'll get a ticket if your car, truck, van, SUV still has snow on any of your windows while you’re driving. 

You can hear more about those specific fines below. 

Not only can you be impacted personally with a fine, but you are also affecting other drivers’ ability to drive safely. Yes, clearing off the back windshield of snow is important, but it is also important to brush off the top of your car as much as possible, too. 

Intense Winter Storm Brings Multiple Feet Of Lake Effect Snow To Buffalo Area
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Leaving snow on the roof of the car can cause snow and ice to fly, which can block the vision of the driver behind you. 

It can cause, what appears to be, a “mini blizzard,” causing temporary whiteout conditions for anyone who may be traveling behind you. 

Also, leaving heaps of snow on the roof of your vehicle can be hazardous to you as a driver too, because it really only takes one fast, hard stop or a quick hit of the gas pedal to send all the snow sliding onto your windshield, blocking your view.  

It’s supposed to snow this week in Western New York, so you may want to set an earlier alarm just so you’re prepared.

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