A four minute workout that can speed up your metabolism for the next 24-36 hours? Count me in!

I was on Pinterest the other day, on the health and fitness category  and I found this video labeled "4 Minute Workout"...so I figured, I might as well try it!

Tabata is the new high-intensity cardio workout, developed by a Japanese scientist, that can burn up to as many calories as a 40-60-minute run!

According to TabataTraining.org, any exercise can be incorporated into the Tabata training. The only things mandatory is that it should be four minutes long: 20 seconds of intense training, 10 seconds of rest, and a total of eight sessions/rounds

In this first video it is four different types of 20-second workouts with 10-second rests in between, and you do this twice. Try it!

Here is another example of Tabata that I found on YouTube, with different types of workouts but the same amount of time!

I also found another video on Yahoo.

So if you have four minutes of your day free, try Tabata!