Another reason to eat well – couples who want children. And a lot of it is what the man consumes. Specifically, eat less bacon, more fish.

A study by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston says processed meat is linked to men’s poorer semen quality, while fish produces better semen quality.

They asked men about their eating habits and measured their answers against the quality of semen they produced.

The results were consistent across the board. Men who ate more dark meat fish like salmon, bluefish and tuna had the highest quality of reproductive cells. Those who ate more white meat fish like tuna, cod and halibut had normal reproductive cells. But men who ate mostly processed meats had mostly lower quality reproductive cells.

They didn’t categorize the various processed meats, so there’s no way to tell if bacon did more damage than, say, hamburgers or hot dogs. They only looked at associations, and there’s no explanation of why or how diet affected the cells.

There was also a Danish study that showed a diet high in saturated fat affected reproductive cells in men, so it could mean that men who eat a lot of processed meats have a lower quality diet anyway. So there could be a plan for couples who are looking to have a family. The man should modify his diet.

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