Last week amidst reports of several positive cases of Coronavirus in New York State, the Governor declared a "State of Emergency" what does that mean?

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According to Business Insider, the Governor will declare a "State of Emergency" when they think that an issue affecting towns and cities will require state aid.

The governor declares a state of emergency when they believe a disaster may be imminent or severe enough to require state aid to local officials. Declaring a state of emergency also authorizes the governor to quickly direct state agency resources to communities in need. In extraordinary circumstances, it may also enable the state to request federal assistance if the state doesn't have enough resources to address or contain the emergency.


By declaring the "State of Emergency" the state will also be able to request Federal funding if needed.

No, just because Gov. Cuomo declared a "State of Emergency" it doesn't mean that all heck is about to break loose. It just means that if the state or federal government needs to step in to help, they can.

Most states that have a confirmed case of the Coronavirus have also declared a "State of Emergency"
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