Over the last week or so, we have realized that football is bigger than the sport itself. 

And while it seems like faith in humanity has been restored as we #PrayForHamlin, there are still some people who refuse to let positive vibes be their guide. 

One mother was extremely disappointed with her son’s experience at the Buffalo Bills game this weekend after another woman dumped her beer on the 9 year old’s head. 

Kate Singleton shared the story about her son Emerson’s experience on Facebook after the Buffalo-New England game. 

“My stomach hurts right now, knowing that someone went out of their way to deliberately dump their beer all over Emerson’s head at the game today… because they thought it was funny,” Singleton said. 

In the post, Singleton spoke directly to the culprit via Facebook, going on to say they ruined her son’s experience with this senseless act.

“Today was going to be a good day. A day of love and support for our team. You proved that despite everything, people still suck.

According to Singleton, three grown women were behind the act. “He had to go home, he was soaked,” Singleton spoke of her son. “It is cold. Shame on you. I hope my kid still has faith in our community and for our team despite your ignorance. I hope this post finds you and makes you feel the way you made him feel.”

One member of the Bills Mafia received permission to share more details on Twitter about the mom’s account. 

While there is no videographic evidence of the incident, Kate Singleton alleges that the incident occurred in Section 331. 

One person commented on Singleton’s post, claiming that they sat near this section and “none of this ever happened.” 

We don’t really know the specific details, but if it did happen, pouring beer on another person can be considered to be a class C assault. 

Singleton intends to follow up with security this week after being contacted by an employee who saw the Facebook post. 

We’ll keep you updated on the story as we find out more. 

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