Want to feel like you’re part of the action in Kansas City without leaving the city of Buffalo?

Bills Mafia to the rescue!

You can jump in on this opportunity to trigger pretty much every non-Bills fan that is watching the game in a Kansas City bar.

The idea popped up in the Bills Mafia Babes Facebook group, and it was quickly shared by several Western New Yorkers on social media.


The original post said, “Just played the Bills shout song at 11 different bars on AMI in Kansas City! Haha not there but wanna support…”

It caught on fast. 

“This is BEYOND brilliant!” one Bills fan said. 

Here’s the plan: download the AMI Jukebox app to your phone. Then, at 6:30 pm Buffalo time, search for Kansas City, Missouri in your app. If every person finds 2-4 random bars in Kansas City, and you play the Bills shout song twice, the jukeboxes in Kansas City will be overloaded and the Bills shout song will play consecutively at least a dozen times.

Sounds like a plan to me!

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