Now is the time of year that you will probably see a lot of fawns running around Western New York. A lot of babies were born earlier this year and they are starting to run through your yards. Yet some of them don't realize how high they can jump, and in this case, isn't high enough.

Check out this rescue video captured by the West Seneca Police Department yesterday morning! The fawn got its leg stuck in a chain-link fence in someone's backyard. Someone spotted the deer dangling in the yard and called for assistance.

During times when Animal Control isn't available we often get called upon to free deer from nets, railings, fences, etc. Sometimes it's nice to share a lighter side of police work", the West Seneca Police Facebook post read.

NEXT: Did you see the story about the man from Buffalo who encountered a Grizzly Bear? A man from Buffalo, NY was hiking in Wyoming when he encountered a bear accidentally. The bear attacked the 68-year-old man and was able to send a distress signal to alert people to rescue him. Officials were shocked to see the man mauled. He was transported by helicopter to the hospital where he is now recovering.

That story happened in Wyoming State, but here in Western New York, it seems like people are seeing more and more bears. Of course, social media makes it much easier to share pictures and notify others that there have been bears. There have been several spotting of bears in Western New York. Check out some of the pictures here.

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