She has served just two WEEKS of her new six-year term as U.S. Senator representing New York State and Kirsten Gillibrand is now focusing on a run for President in 2020.  State voters re-elected her in November on her word that she would serve out her six-year term.  Now she's directing her attention elsewhere.

Gillibrand officially announced on Tuesday that she is a candidate for the Democrat party endorsement to run against President Trump in November of 2020.

During a debate in October Gillibrand was twice asked if she intended to fully serve her six-year term if she was re-elected.  She said, "I will".  When the moderator asked her again to set the record straight and he again directly asked her if she will serve out her term, she responded, "I will serve my six-year term."

It was convenient at the time to say anything to help in her drive to get re-elected, but it seems her word isn't worth much. President Trump's critics say he bends the truth, so does the same apply to Gillibrand?


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