The Buffalo Bills are 4-2 and are getting ready for their road game against the New York Jets.

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Fans of the Bills are still dealing with the loss against the Kansas City Chiefs and wondering if they will be allowed in to Bills Stadium at all this season. The Erie County Executive seems to be frustrated with the question from reporters.

Channel 2 ran the story below and it's obvious that Mark Poloncarz is tired of getting asked about the Bills and whether or not fans can attend the games.

There are some fans who have been to every home game the Buffalo Bills have played since they joined the NFL! It has to be extra frustrating for those who live and breath Buffalo Bills football when you see other states allowing fans in the stands. It gets even more frustrating when you consider that indoor movie theaters are allowed to have people again.

It seems to me that politicians have forgotten that they are our representatives. The position they hold not only requires good leadership, but they are also our source of information. Reporters have a job to ask questions and it's their job to give answers. The Buffalo Bills mean so much to WNY and I think it is completely fair to ask for updates on the attendance policy for Bills Stadium.

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