The Bills' heartbreaking playoff loss last weekend had many moments to get upset about but one of the biggest instances was when Bills rookie tackle Cody Ford was penalized in overtime for what was deemed a "blindside block."

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The penalty was heavily criticized by Bills fans and even former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira, but that didn't stop the NFL from fining Ford over $28,000 for the controversial penalty.

But like true Buffalo fashion, Bills fans decided to take the fine into their own hands, by starting a GoFund me page to pay for it.

Cody Ford, however, won't let fans pay for his fine. Instead, he wants that money to be donated to a Buffalo-area charity.

It's still a tough pill to swallow for Bills fans but this is what I love about this city and this fanbase. It's awesome that a local charity will be getting much-needed help out of this.

Go Bills!

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