The Sabres will honor the 90's on Saturday afternoon against the Florida Panthers. What does that mean? For one, you'll probably see plenty of black and red in the Key Bank Center, even if the Sabres themselves don't wear the jerseys during the game.

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The jumbo tron will feature plenty of 90's-themed videos and the Sabres will welcome back 90's alumni, including Matthew Barnaby, Stu Barnes, Dave Hannan and Brad May.

If you have a black and red jersey, definitely make an effort to wear it to the game on Saturday afternoon. The early 90's blue and gold jerseys would also fit the occasion.

The game starts at 1:00 p.m. EST, so it will be over about an hour before the Bills take on the Houston Texans in their Wild Card playoff game.

Saturday is sure to be fun for Buffalo sports fans!

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