The reopening of schools is a hotly debated topic across the nation, and tensions flared this afternoon at a press conference for parents of Buffalo Public School students.

WGRZ tweeted a video showing Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore arguing with Dr. Darren Brown, the chief of staff for Buffalo Public Schools.

Rumore can be heard on the tape saying, "Having a seat at the table is meaningless if you don't have any input."

As Brown interjects, Rumore says, "And I'm not finished talking...why don't you just observe some manners like we teach our kids."

Brown interrupts Rumore, "Because I don't want the public to listen to your lies. But you did have a seat at the table."

The argument is quickly broken up, but the attitudes on display clearly show officials having the same frustrations coming up with a plan for the upcoming school year as parents have.

Parents are voicing frustration with the three proposed models for the school year, recently released by the Buffalo Public Schools.

The proposed plan includes a hybrid, in-person, and remote learning plan. The Governor has not yet made an announcement regarding reopening of New York State schools.

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