You may think that the current Buffalo Bills stadium will just become a parking ground once the new stadium is complete, but what if Highmark Stadium turns into something more?

Many people in Western New York are secretly hoping that this is a possibility to recreate in Orchard Park. 

Because how cool would it be to live inside of the old Buffalo Bills stadium?

A photo went viral this week of a Japanese baseball stadium, Osaka Stadium, that appeared to be repurposed as a residential neighborhood, and the Bills Mafia absolutely loved this idea. 

Unfortunately, these are just model homes, so it was never designed to house long-term residents. 

But that doesn’t mean that a tiny village in Highmark Stadium is impossible. 

You may remember hearing about it, but there was a baseball stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana that accomplished this feat! 

In Indianapolis, you may find the old Bush Stadium (also known as Perry Stadium or Victory Field), which was “the home to the Negro League ABCs and Clowns, as well as the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians before it closed down in 1996," according to the MLB.

The old ballpark was later transformed into an apartment building, making it one of the first of its kind! And here’s the best part: they kept as much of the original stadium as possible, with the entrance to the apartment building still the same one where fans would walk into catch a baseball game. 

Obviously, a stadium isn't built with the intention to be lived in. It’s created to be a stadium, built for people to sit for hours, say hi to Pinto Ron, and eat some hot dogs. So there would be some architectural issues to work through, but would it be worth it?

Buffalo and Western New York are considered to be one of the best places to live in the state, and more people have been moving here in recent years due to the affordability, education opportunities, and employment opportunities.

With more people moving here, would it be worth it to have stadium housing in Orchard Park?

That’d be a pretty unique place to live! 

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