Let's face it, it can be a pain to use roads such as Transit, Union, Southwestern, Niagara Falls Blvd. and Main Street. But everyone has those few roads they use as their own little shortcuts.

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Here are 10 of the best shortcut roads to take in Western New York:

Bear Ridge (North Tonawanda/Lockport)

If you ever feel like avoiding Niagara Falls Blvd., Transit or even the 990 to get to and from Lockport, Bear Ridge is definitely the way to go. It takes a stroll through some countryside and doesn't showcase many lights.

Bennett/Como Park Boulevard (Cheektowaga)

If you're on Union Road and want to have a quick route to Transit, take Bennett near the old Appletree Mall and take it to Como Park -- from there it's just one light until you hit Transit.

Bieler/Berg (Orchard Park/West Seneca)

One of my favorite shortcuts. Sometimes I commute this way from Orchard Park back to my area near West Seneca. Bieler is off Lake Avenue near the Quaker Crossing Plaza. Take that to Berg and you can get to Orchard Park Road, then Union. Nobody chooses to go through the five corners or all the way down Abbott, right?

Burroughs Drive (Cheektowaga)

Trying to get to the heart of Cheektowaga without the headache of the 290 split? Take the Harlem Road exit by Chuck E. Cheese, take a left and another left to Burroughs. You can get off on Main or continue onto Darwin and get to the Kensington or Cleveland Drive.

California Road (Orchard Park)

A favorite road to cut through between Milestrip and Southwestern, or even further if you want to drive into Orchard Park. Adjacent from New Era Field.

Electric Avenue (Lackawanna/Hamburg)

A great option to take to get from Lackawanna to Hamburg or vice versa, instead of Route 5 or worse, South Park and/or Southwestern.

Ellicott Creek Road/North Ellicott Creek Road (Tonawanda)

My dad used to use these roads to get from north Amherst to the Colvin Blvd. area. Cuts down Ellicott Creek.

Seneca Creek Road (West Seneca)

I always take this road from Union to the opposite side of French (with Borden). Why? Because there are zero lights until the William/Borden light.

Sowles (Orchard Park/Hamburg)

This road is a much better option that fighting all the way down Southwestern or South Park (even Camp). It's a good road to bypass some traffic for Bills games too.

Youngs Road (Williamsville)

This one might be a bit debatable since it's become very popular but it connects a bunch of main roads, such as Wherle, Main, Sheridan and Maple -- along with Klein.

Missed any? Let us know!

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