*Warning: the video below may be disturbing to some viewers*

Nature can be a pretty incredible thing sometimes. It's easy to overlook sometimes as we go through our busy lives, but the animals that live around us are in great numbers. One of the most prominent animals in Western New York are deer

Deer are everywhere and you can often them roaming through streets and neighborhoods. I see them all the time in the West Seneca area, which is near where I live in South Buffalo, and one deer was saved by some quick-thinking workers in West Seneca recently.

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The West Seneca Police Department shared a video of two town workers who saved a deer whose antlers had become entangled with another deer, who unfortunately passed away after both animals had a battle.

You can watch the video below: *Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers*

Who knows what happens to that deer if it stays entangled with the deceased deer. I'm sure this deer was scared but it was luckily rescued by these two West Seneca workers.

It's sad that the other deer didn't make it but it goes to show how real and harsh nature can be sometimes. Thank you to these workers who likely saved this deer's life.

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