There’s always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it’s across the country, down to Music City in Nashville, or right here in our WNY backyards.

Here’s this week’s rundown.

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    Mom Makes Kid Hold This Sign For Twerking At School

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    Vince Gill Ticked Off To The Max

    Vince Gill moved up about 20 spots on my favorite artist list. He was all worked up when he took to the streets to confront members of the Westboro Baptist Church when the group was set up outside his concert venue to protest what they called adultery by the singer.

    Listen to him tell them off, swear and ask them if "they're on the C team"

    Ummmm? Enough Said.

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    Luke Bryan Will Return As Co-Host With Blake Shelton

    How is this bad news you ask?

    There's going to be no alcohol left at the show for anyone.

    Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will return for a second year to host the ACM Awards in Las Vegas in the Spring of 2014. Maybe by than Blake Shelton will have kids and simmer down.

    ....yeah, right.

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    Loretta Lynn Gets Some Broken Ribs

    Loretta had to cancel some shows this week because well, it's hard to sing with some broken bones around your lungs.

    “I’m like an accident waiting to happen these days. I was trying to get my guitar down out of my closest and the dang thing fell on top of me causing me to fall into my dresser.”

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    Dad Teaches His Daughter A Lesson In Dressing

    This dad went the full measure to prove his point. It’s as drastic as it is awesome. Embarrassing as it is applausable.

    His daughter dressed like a skank.

    He told her to stop and she said no.

    Than he did the unthinkable. He dressed up like her and met her out in public.

    I think that he got his message across loud and clear. How embarrassing for this daughter but, than again don't be a disrespectful little snot and you wouldn't of had it coming to you.

    The disrespect was ugly and so are those cut offs, sir.

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    Only 7 Buffalo Bills Games Arrests

    This news should really be in the 'Holy Smokes, that's pretty good category. With 65,000 fans and even more tailgaters at the Ralph for the Buffalo Bills home opener, 7 arrests is awesome.

    (Especially when you consider at a Brad Paisley Darien Lake Show there are like....70)

    Five of the arrests were inside the stadium and two were in the parking lot. Maybe the nearly 120 extra police officers on hand really was successful.

    Buffalo, are we finally the best tailgating football fans ever AND we're in control of ourselves?

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