Apparently, it's like a Royal Rumble in country music this week. Everyone's in the ring and throwing punches this week.

There’s always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it’s across the country, down to Music City in Nashville, or right here in our WNY backyards.

Here’s this week’s rundown.

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    Zac Brown Dissing Luke Bryan

    Cat Fight.

    Zac Brown said this about Luke Bryan's 'That's My Kinda Night', “When songs make me wanna throw up, it makes me ashamed to even be in the same genre as those songs".

    Oh, well you don't say, Zac. At least Luke isn't bald.

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    House Votes to Cut $4B a year from food stamps

    $4 BILLION DOLLARS! That's a ton. The House has voted to cut nearly $4 billion a year from food stamps, a 5 percent reduction to the nation's main feeding program used by more than 1 in 7 Americans.

    2 Ugly parts to this:

    -I hope nobody who truly needs the stamps has to suffer

    - On the flip side: This also goes full circle to the statement "people on welfare should be drug tested" and I hope that this takes food stamps away from people like this.

    Your thoughts?

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    Gary Allan's Comments About Taylor Swift + Carrie Underwood

    Apparently, it's like a Royal Rumble in country music this week. Everyone's in the ring and throwing punches this week.

    Gary Allan's cheap shots to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift included him saying, " “I would say they’re pop artists making a living in the country genre.”

    ...Like they've never heard that one before.

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    Clown Terrorizes British Town

    This is weird. Imagine driving around your town and every night you see this clown holding balloons in the middle of the night on a different street.

    That's what this town Northampton is dealing with right now. They say he's not armed. But, uhhh you can't feel 100% safe.

    Never trust a clown. Especially, one that doesn't talk.

    Check out the pics.



    Deadly Navy Yard Shootings

    The gunman who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday began his rampage by heading directly to the fourth floor, where he shot people who worked with him, and authorities are investigating whether a workplace issue sparked the killings, according to law enforcement officials and witness accounts.

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    Polar Bear Cubs Taken Off Display At Buffalo Zoo

    The Buffalo Zoo’s popular polar bear cubs are temporarily off exhibit, starting today, so they can be moved to a larger space. Zoo officials say it will be about a week before the cubs will be back on display. After that, they will meet the public from the zoo’s tiger exhibit.

    In the meantime, look who was born at the Zoo this week!!

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