Seven Buffalo Bills are on this week’s list for the injury report, including Jordan Phillips, Isaiah McKenzie, and Jamison Crowder. It’s questionable if any of these athletes will be back before the upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

All of these recent injuries really make you reflect on all Buffalo Bills injuries over the years. 

Of course, we saw Dane Jackson recently recover from a scary situation that led to an ambulance ride. 

Warning: video is graphic. 

Jackson had a head-on collision with his own teammate Tremaine Edmunds just before halftime in the Titans game. Luckily, everything is okay with Jackson and he was able to return to game play against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. 

Watching the ambulance come onto the field always leaves you with a pit in your stomach, hoping that our players will be okay. 

And Jackson’s injury had some Bills fans reflecting on the worst injuries a Buffalo Bills player has ever endured. 

The following four players for the Buffalo Bills once suffered an injury so bad that they almost died on the field. (Luckily, they ended up being ok.)

  • Don Beebe Bounced on His Head.

    1. Beebe was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the third round of the 1989 NFL Draft. He was a member of the Bills team that played in four consecutive Super Bowl games. He was injured on, what many called, the “Pogo Stick Play” in a 1989 playoff game where the Bills played the Cleveland Browns. He landed right on his head and bounced off. Beebe later told the press that he tore a neck muscle on the hit, and he was dangerously close to paralysis.
  • Kevin Everett Suffered A Cervical Spine Injury.

  • In September 2007, Everett attempted to make a tackle against the Denver Broncos when he sustained a cervical spine injury. The doctors called the injury “life-threatening,” and they didn’t think that he would walk again. However, two days after the injury, Everett exhibited movement in his arms and legs, and his doctors considered that it may be possible for him to walk again…and he did. Months later, Everett walked in public for the first time at the old Ralph Wilson Stadium before the Bills took on the New York Giants. 
  • Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills
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  • Eric Wood Fractured His Leg, And He Later Suffered A Spinal Injury. 

    1. Eric Wood played for the Buffalo Bills from 2009 to 2017. During his first season with the Bills, Wood fractured his tibia and fibula when a defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars ran into his leg. 
    2. Wood had to undergo surgery in Jacksonville that ended his season. 
    3. Years later, in 2018, Wood announced via Twitter that he had failed his end-of-season physical and would no longer be able to play for the Buffalo Bills. In January 2018, Wood announced that he had failed his end-of-season physical and would no longer be cleared to play professional football. Sports Analyst Adam Schefter of ESPN said the cause of the failed physical was a neck injury, which was partially due to wear and tear.  Wood later told the press that the disc between his second and third vertebrae had come too close to his spinal cord, which he thinks happened around week 6 of the 2017 season.
    4. You can watch Eric Wood's post career interview here.
  • Taiwan Jones Had His Helmet Fly Off. 

    1. There’s a reason they wear a helmet, and it’s so scary when it flies off. In September 2018, Taiwan Jones attempted to recover a loose ball when he lost his helmet. The Chargers were going for the tackle. The linebacker for the Chargers did not see Jones’ helmet fly off, and that’s why he still went for the tackle. The Chargers linebacker’s helmet caught the top of Jones’ head, and it was a bloody mess.
    2. It's a lot to watch, but if you can brave it, here's the video.
  • The Bills Mafia takes no injury lightly. Despite the AFC East rivalry, we still banded together after Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, suffered a concussion. Over 1000 donations poured in for Tagovailoa’s charity, and they all came from Buffalo. 

    It just shows that wearing that jersey is more than just playing football. We stand by each other. 

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