It is my favorite time of year!

Erie County Fair time!  Even though the fair does mean that summer is coming to an end I really look forward each year to the fair.  If you haven’t had a chance to go this year or if you’re like my sister in law and you have NEVER been to the fair then this is the year to go!  (In my sister in law’s defense she did grow up in Pennsylvania.)  I mostly go every year for the food!  From Italian sausages to fried dough to candy apples you can find anything and everything there.  This year I was instructed that I just had to have a taste of the deep fried Alligator.  Yes you read that correctly and yes it is delicious!  I’ve decided anything you deep fried ends up being fantastic and they really do deep fry everything!  There was Oreos, Twinkies, Mash Potatoes on a Stick, PB & J, Mac and Cheese, and that’s just the beginning of deep fried heaven!  Besides the food there is the games, the Indian Village, and of course the animals!  I love the animals!  As a kid I just wanted to join 4-H so it would force my parents to buy an animal like a pig or a cow so I could participate in the fair.  (They made me join Girl Scouts instead…Cookies were a lot easier to handle then a cow I was told!)  The best part yesterday was this little girl climbed in with the pigs (obviously they were her pigs) and just stood on top of one of the pigs.  The pig didn’t move!  Not sure if they were ok with that or just didn’t care but I was cracking up!  Anyways besides all of that fun there is of course live entertainment and the motor events.    Tonight there is live music from 2 of my favorite bands.  Starting at 7 at the Carousel Room is the country band West of the Mark and at 7 at the 42nd Street Café is the Diva Show Band.    If you go tomorrow definitely make sure you head over to the Grandstand and check out the Demolition Derby.  It’s a blast!  They have 2 shows, 1p and 7p.  Both shows will have tons of crashing, smashing and crazy paint jobs!  See which car outlast the others to win prizes and the honor of being the champion.  New this year they have Monster Truck Action featuring Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw!  Definitely this year don’t miss the Erie County Fair!