You may have already seen them in your house.  They're stink bugs - and this year, experts seem to believe you might see more of them than normal.

Why are there so many?

According to WIVB, stink bugs tend to come into homes to hibernate in the fall.  They make their way in through small holes or cracks in the house and sleep until spring.  That's when they emerge and head back out into the world.

Well...they're awake now, but with the cold weather outside, there's a good chance they aren't going out into it.  So they stay in the house.  Experts estimate that you might see dozens in your home this spring.

The good news is that they don't bite, and they really don't cause much damage to your home like an ant or termite might do.  Fruit trees are normally the biggest victim when it comes to stink bugs.  You'll want to protect your trees from them, but otherwise they are normally just a huge nuisance.

So how do you handle them?  First of all, do what you can to keep them out when they're coming in.  Use caulk to close up small holes or cracks so that they never get in.

However, if you are finding that there are a bunch in your house already, you can create a trap to contain them.  You can find the plans here.

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Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)

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